Curupira aims at two types of users: individuals and businesses.


Curupira understands an individual as any person with internet access and a valid credit card who is legally allowed to purchase on-line.

Individuals can either acquire adult trees in an existing forest or purchase new ones.
Common motives for individuals to join Curupira are:

  • To protect and recover nature;
  • To offset CO2 emissions;
  • To give a friend a gift that makes a difference;
  • To observe natural life;
  • To do something good and to have fun!


Established businesses are welcome to join Curupira. Businesses can either register on-line and buy trees like any individual or contact us to learn more about special conditions applied to the purchase of a large number of trees.

Common reasons that drive businesses to join Curupira are:

  • To offset the CO2 emissions caused by its activities or by the usage of its products;
  • To improve its image;
  • To give employees, customer and suppliers trees as a gift or even a benefit.

We are happy to design a package for your company and employees. Let us know what your needs are and we will assist you.

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