“Develop activities that recover and protect nature, generating positive and enjoyable experiences for our consumer and for society, while generating profit for our shareholders”.


“Create and execute economic models that are profitable and benefit the environment while recovering degraded areas and/or protecting existing forests”.


Curupira is supernatural being who guards the forest in the Tupy (native ethnic group) mythology in Brazil.

Curupira usually takes the form of a boy with (literally) flaming hair and green teeth. His most startling characteristic, however, is that his feet are turned to face backwards.

His goal is to protect the forest from the destructive habits of man. He happily tolerates those who hunt for food but he is infuriated by those who hunt for pleasure and will lay traps and confuse them so that they become eternally lost in the forest. For instance, his backward feet have the effect of confusing hunters who may try to follow his tracks.

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