Our team is passionate for Technology and Nature. This passion connected Wellington Machado, a Brazilian IT expert, and Florian Diez, a Swiss agricultural engineer who decided to found Curupira. The initial idea of Curupira was to engage individuals, acting in social networks, in the recovery of degraded areas in a fun and interactive manner. After a hand full of meetings the idea started to flourish. Right now, Curupira is a Team of six highly motivated professionals engaged in providing their users a unique, fun and interactive environmental experience.

You can learn more about our management team:

Wellington Marcos Machado | Partner

Information technology Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree in Business Administration, graduate studies in Global Management and Marketing and Advanced Executive Program (Kellogg School of business/USA). Twenty four years of professional experience, fifteen as a team leader in many positions such as Head of Sales, Head of Operation and CEO.


Florian Diez | Partner

Master’s degree in agricultural sciences (ETH Zürich/Switzerland) with focus on agricultural biotechnology. International experience as auditor and certification officer for eco-friendly products, organic agriculture and management systems. Specialist in know-how transfer of organic certifications systems and training of auditors for several countries in central and eastern Europe. Management of a cattle ranch in central Brazil with focus on sustainable production of beef.

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