Along the centuries, colonization processes, economic activities and territorial expansion have driven the extinction of native forests in many regions of the world. Without exception such extinction took place on all continents, causing the extinction of animal species, erosion of the soil and the loss of biodiversity.

One of the regions affected in the past is the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, a very productive region responsible for a large portion of the Brazilian agricultural production. The first area to be recovered by Curupira is a 200 Hectare area located in Mato Grosso, initially called C1. This area has lost its original vegetation due to decades of cattle farming. It is Curupira’s goal, together with our clients, to recover this area with native trees within a short period of time.

Important remark

Curupira believes that a balance between economic activities and environmental conservation is possible. Furthermore Curupira believes that a region like Mato Grosso can maintain its productivity while at the same time improving local environmental conditions.

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