Plant Trees,
Recover Forests

Do you know that you can own a tree or even a forest in a tropical region of Brazil?

Better yet, do you know that by doing this you are able to take steps towards neutralizing your CO2 footprint and help recover badly damaged ecosystems and forests?

Well, now you can!

Curupira provides you with the opportunity to purchase a native tropical tree out of a diverse range and have it planted in a degraded area, taking it back to its original environment and recovering the local biodiversity. But we make don’t just stop there. We make it fun and interesting at the same time. As a tree owner you can monitor the development of your ecological investment, from a single tree, to a whole forest – it’s up to you how many trees you buy. Photos, videos, texts and more will keep you up to date on what is happening the whole time... You can even come and visit your tree personally on Curupira properties.

So what are you waiting for – plant a tree!

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