Curupira was designed to bring the best nature experience to your computer or mobile device.

At Curupira you can...

  • Plant a real tree in an area that once was a native tropical forest;
  • Have access to a tropical tree catalog with comprehensive information on the native trees Curupira has to offer;
  • Monitor the development of your tree and what is going on in the surroundings;
  • Give trees as gifts;
  • Invite your friends and family to participate;
  • Monitor your CO2 offsetting;
  • Visit the trees planted by your friends and learn who has planted the most;
  • Follow the posts and feeds on your friends trees and share the information on your preferred social network;
  • Learn who are the tree planting leaders by ranking;
  • Obtain golden leaves every time someone you invited to join Curupira buys a tree. Golden leaves can be exchanged for real trees;
  • Do something good and have fun!
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